About Us

Our Background

Captur3d is a leading 3D engraved crystals manufacturer, established in 2004. We use the latest technology of laser engraving to produce high quality, top of the line personalized custom made crystals for our customers. We are proud to deliver an innovative concept that incorporates technology and imagination to produce quality products. Our top of the line laser techniques enable us to turn your memories into timeless keepsakes.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple - to make the most stunning keepsake that will exceed our customer's expectations. From an anniversary celebration to a special birthday gift, we are doing our best to satisfy our clients. With our attentive customer service and deep attention to details, we work with you to make your gift as unique as possible. Our goal is to offer top quality products at competitive prices, and to make our customers' experience easy and convenient.

Our Products

We use fine optic crystals, similar to the quality of crystal used in large NASA telescopes. Using an advanced German laser technology, we can engrave almost any image, design or logo into a variety of crystal shapes. We produce 3D images based on your specifications using a leading technology that produces the highest quality. Our engraving technique is considered to be the best and produces a surface that is smooth and clear for easy cleaning.

Our Specialty

We at Captur3d specialize in custom laser engraved 3D crystals. Our friendly online system allows you to personalize a crystal gift with your photo and text. We use the best materials and advanced laser techniques to create the most special gift for you and your loved ones. For any occasion, our crystals are memorable keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

How we do it?

It's actually quite easy. All we need from you is a good quality photo. Then, using a sophisticated software program, we model the photo into a three dimensional design. Once we receive your order, we check if the image uploaded meets our systems standards, and if it's not compatible, we will contact you to solve any issues.

Our experienced team of graphic designers will work on the photo, correct any flaws and eliminate the background. We use top quality optical crystal products and German laser technology, and our engraving technique is the best in the field. Once the product is ready, our QA team will verify that the image and text are properly presented and make sure that your crystal is perfect before shipping.

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