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3D Crystal Creation Process at CAPTUR3D

1. Order Placement

Your journey towards creating a unique 3D Crystal with CAPTUR3D begins the moment you decide to place an order. We've simplified the ordering process into an easy 3-step wizard on our website to facilitate your choices.

First, choose the size of the crystal that best suits your needs. We have a variety of options to fit different preferences and occasions.

Next, you'll be prompted to upload the photo you want to be engraved into the crystal. Your photo doesn't have to be 3D; our state-of-the-art technology can convert it! We accept multiple image formats, and our system ensures the process is smooth and straightforward.

Lastly, you will add the engraving - a personal message or a name that will accompany the image. You will also select the base for your 3D crystal from several elegant options. This personalized, easy, and user-friendly process is designed to meet your exact specifications.

2. Image Processing and 3D Modeling

Once your order is placed, our team of skilled designers and technicians gets to work. Using advanced 3D modeling software, they transform your 2D photo into a 3D model. This process ensures every detail from the original image, including depth and perspective, is perfectly captured in your custom crystal.

2d-3d process

3. Laser Engraving

After your 3D model is finalized, the engraving process begins. Using high-precision lasers, we meticulously etch the 3D model into a high-quality crystal block. This delicate process involves making tiny fractures inside the crystal to recreate the 3D image, all while keeping the surface of the crystal smooth and intact.

Laser process

4. Quality Inspection and Packaging

Before your order is shipped, we conduct a rigorous quality check. Each 3D Crystal undergoes a stringent inspection to ensure it meets our high standards. Only after we're completely satisfied with the final product, it's carefully packaged in a protective and stylish box, ready for shipping.

5. Shipping and Delivery

Finally, your custom 3D Crystal is shipped straight to your doorstep. We use reliable courier services to ensure a safe and timely delivery. A tracking number will be provided so you can monitor your package's progress.

In Summary

At CAPTUR3D, we're passionate about turning your cherished memories into beautiful keepsakes. From the moment you place your order to the moment you receive your custom 3D Crystal, we're dedicated to providing a seamless, user-friendly experience. Begin your journey with us today, and let us immortalize your precious moments in stunning 3D Crystals.

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